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Insights on how ZNAP™ mobile business platform solves real business problems

secure and streamlined payment method
How would you like to offer your customers a secure and streamlined payment method that adds real value to your business?

ZNAP™ facilitates fast and secure multi-channel mobile payments.

Unlike other mobile solutions that are focused only on a single payment channel (in-store only, or online only), ZNAP™ streamlines payment across all channels while providing truly innovative business tools for merchants.

Provides a consistent payment experience regardless of channel - just one scan, enter PIN and pay!
Enables complete integration of loyalty, coupon & special offers across all channels
Gives your customers peace of mind by providing enhanced security– removing a key barrier to certain types of remote transactions
create remove Point of Sale terminals
For physical stores, would you like the flexibility to create remove Point of Sale terminals as easily as you move your sales staff around the store?

ZNAP™ gives you the flexibility to create additional POS when needed, and deploy them anywhere.

Out-of-the-box functionality within the ZNAP™ mobile business platform allows you to create & replicate multiple floating POS on tablets – fostering closer interaction between sales staff and customers, and eliminating queues during peak hours or shopping festivals.

Eliminates queues during peak periods by enabling the creation of multiple POS in seconds
Allows for closer interaction between staff and customers, since sales people can check-out customers while assisting with purchases
Improves customer service as staff can assist customers rather than having to man the till
turn marketing spend into measurable revenue generation
Wouldn't it be great to turn marketing spend into measurable revenue generation - by enabling customers to purchase directly from advertisements?

A ZNAP™ QR-code is a direct sales link between you and your customers ... wherever it appears!

We use QR-codes differently: rather than a marketing message that points to a website, a ZNAP™ QR-code is a direct sales channel. Merchants can control the interaction with customers when they scan a ZNAP™ QR-code on an advertisement - whether in a magazine, newspaper, billboard, poster or TV. Customers can purchase directly from the ads!

Maximize the return on your advertising spend by enabling direct sales - in any channel!
Accurately measure ROI of marketing campaigns across all channels and creative executions
Interactive messaging during the purchase can maximize up-sell and cross-sell, and help build closer relationships with your customers
manage your loyalty program on their mobile devices
Customers have too many loyalty cards to carry around – and they often forget them or lose them. Wouldn't it be better for your CRM management if your customers could better manage your loyalty program on their mobile devices ?

With ZNAP™, your customers can accrue and redeem loyalty rewards in real-time – right on their mobile device, without having to carry loyalty cards.

Loyalty accounts are stored in the customer profile on the ZNAP™ app so customers can accrue and redeem in real-time during a purchase. A sophisticated loyalty program can be created and deployed without any additional infrastructure. With everything centralized in one place, ZNAP™ streamlines the payment process and elevates loyalty to a new level.

Do away with old-fashioned loyalty cards which customers often lose or forget to bring with them
Create multiple specialized offers and rewards based on customer segment or loyalty tier
Interact with loyal customers when they walk into the store – offering special promotions or cross-sell / up-sell offers – which are tailored to specific customers or segments
Customize coupons based on customer segments
Would you like to eliminate paper coupons, and move beyond the "one-size-fits-all" coupon model? Customize coupons based on customer segments – even make them time-bound or location-based.

ZNAP™ enables your business to maximize the return on investment in coupons and promotions

Many merchants often make the mistake of giving coupons or discounts to people who are going to buy the product anyway. Using ZNAP™, coupons can be customized such that different customer segments receive different offers - so that customer preferences can be leveraged to maximize cross-sell or up-sell. The coupons can be changed or updated at any time, which is impossible to do with printed coupons.

Maximize ROI by giving the right incentives to the right customer groups
Maintain the flexibility to continually adjust your promotions based on customer response
Keep track of the full coupon lifecycle and generate insightful post-campaign analysis
interact with customers across all channels
Stretching customer interaction beyond in-store sales is challenging. What if you could interact with customers across all channels: m-commerce, online shopping, DRTV – even bill payment – to drive cross-sell and up-sell?

ZNAP™ can help drive cross-sell and up-sell, maximizing products per customer

ZNAP™ enables merchants to design special offers based on customer purchase behavior - which means you could push special offers based on items purchased. When a customer purchases a laptop or phone, for example, you could push an offer for an accessory or peripheral. You could also potentially up-sell the customer to a product with additional features.

Maximize cross-sell and up-sell by promoting relevant offers at the time of purchase - regardless of channel
Push offers to the right customers at the optimal time
Turn the static nature of B2C bill pay, or B2B invoicing, into a dynamic customer engagement opportunity
real-time revenue management
Tracking sales volume and managing shrinkage can be tough – especially with small-ticket items paid in cash. ZNAP™ enables real-time revenue management, and matches receipts with stock to control shrinkage.

ZNAP™ can eliminate the need for cash and provide real-time insight into sales volume and revenues.

Stadiums and concert venues in particular offer many small-value items that are typically paid for in cash: food, beverages, and branded merchandise. When everything is offline, real-time revenue management is impossible – and shrinkage becomes a real issue … often as much as 20-25% of revenue. ZNAP™ solves these problems by capturing all transactions electronically, and providing a method for precise reconciliation with stock.

Reduce or eliminate cash handling while providing customers with a streamlined and secure payment method
Track revenue and stock in real-time, and manage shrinkage
Easily implement a "deliver to seat" or "deliver to table" service, increasing customer satisfaction
utilize your online assets to promote in-store services
For physical merchants, foot traffic has diminished with the popularity of online shopping. ZNAP™ helps utilize your online assets to promote in-store services.

ZNAP™ is the perfect solution to implement an Online-to-Offline retail strategy.

Merchants can place advertisements in outdoor locations (bus stops, metro stations, shopping malls) or print ads, and when customers scan the ZNAP™ QR-code the built-in geolocation can direct them to the nearest store. Many times consumers see an advertisement for something they like, but don't know where to buy it. With ZNAP™, customers know where to buy and are directed to the nearest store.

Promote products or added-value in-store services, and let ZNAP™ direct customers right to the shop
Increase in-store traffic and maximize revenues – analysis shows the in-store customer is 4 times more valuable than the online customer
Capitalize on m-commerce channels to give customers a reason to come back into the shop
utilise your online assets to promote in-store services

Insights on how ZNAP™ mobile business platform solves real business problems

Let us tailor a mobile solution that meets - and exceeds - your business goals.

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